Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

Jet Account Application

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online
Open a Jet Clothing Account online on Open a Jet Account and receive instant vouchers, exclusive promotions, discounts, and cashback rewards. Kindly visit your nearest Jet store and open an account with one of Jet’s shopping assistants, please make sure you have your
  •  ID / Passport
  • proof of residence
  • proof of income or three months bank statement.
Otherwise, you can apply online:

Jet Account Requirements

– You must be 18 years or older and employed

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

– You must be a pensioner or, alternatively, you must be a student and you must have been studying for more than a year at a recognised educational institution

– You must have a valid South African ID

– Latest 3-month payslip or a 3 months bank statement

– Proof of residential address

– You must earn a salary of at least R600 per month

The accounts department will review your information and decide whether you would be able to consistently make payments towards your Jet account.

If you meet all of these requirements, your expenses are not too high, and the account department feels that you will be able to afford the account, your application will be approved and finalised.

Jet Account Application instore

There are also other cards that can be used to pay at Jet stores. This includes the the RCS card.

You can apply for an RCS account online or in-store at one of the participating retailers.

– Accepted at over 26 000 stores.

– You can spend up to 55 days interest-free.

– Flexible payment plans including a revolving 24 or 36-month budget plan (for purchases of R600 or more).

If you have any account queries regarding your Jet account, their accounts department can be reached via phone their phone number on, 0860 111 881 or via email at

Queries may take some time to be answered, as the Jet team is operating at a limited capacity and may take longer to get through all of their queries.