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Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

IEMAS Financial Services, a co-operative finance creditor is providing competitive financial solutions to its members around South Africa and ensuring that they receive products that suit their individual needs.

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

IEMAS loans

Iemas financial services
Iemas financial services

With a history of spanning over more than 70 years in the financial services industry, IEMAS provides a comprehensive range of financial products such as vehicle finance, mini and maxi loans, personal and emergency loans and pension backed loans.

The co-operative also offers a purchase card, short term insurance and life insurance products. IEMAS members receive an annual tax free benefit allocation on the interest paid throughout the year, as well as on purchases made with the purchase card and on short term insurance premiums.

How to become an IEMAS member
IEMAS has agreements with more than 600 employers to provide products and services to their employees. If you are working for one of these employers or if you are unsure, please contact any one of IEMAS branches to find out which products are eligible for you to apply. But the creditor has a short term insurance quotation available to the general public.
If your employer is not contracted to TEMAS, please send your details to any of the senior managers in order for them to get in touch with IEMAS. IEMAS will arrange a professional presentation for your employer and begin a long term relationship.

The IEMAS purchase card
The card is the only tool a client needs to use when paying for groceries, shoes and other things. It is through this electronic card that a client receives an annual benefit payment on his purchases (excluding fuel) and he can use his Purchase card for online purchases through the Lifestyle Programme and receive more great discounts.
This card can be used at more than 7 000 shopping points, including national suppliers such as Woolworths, Shoprite, checkers, Hyperama, Game, Dis-Chem, Pep Stores, Ackermans, Bata Shoes, Builders warehouse, Shoe City, Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki and Poetry and Tekkie Town.
The creditor is an authorized financial services and creditor provider whose registration number is NCRCP 1332/FSP 15815