Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

How to apply for a student loan with Fundi

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

Fundi a private student loan provider that was established in 1996 under the name Eduloan and later rebranded to Fundi in October 2016. Fundi aims to provide a solution to access education at an affordable cost to individuals that do not qualify for a loan from a funding institution or formal banking sector.

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

They provide funding for the following:

  • Accommodation
  • Educational tools
  • Executive loans
  • Educational devices (e-books)
  • MBA funding
  • Study loans
  • Short courses

How to apply for a Fundi loan?

One of Fundi’s core values is to make education finance affordable to all South Africans. Therefore you need to ensure that you meet their requirements before applying for a loan.

Here are a list of requirements that need to be adhered to:

  • Either the student or parent must have a permanent job
  • Clear credit record
  • A copy of a certified South frican ID
  • A letter from your employee stating that you work for them
  • Latest payslip and 3 months bank statement

To qualify for the loan, students must be 18 years and older. To apply for a Fundi loan, you must fill in an online application with all your necessary contact details and inform them on what type of loan that you are applying for. Once you have successfully submitted your application, Fundi will process your information and provide you with feedback on your application.