Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

Getbucks Loans

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

GetbucksGetbucks offers short term payday loans with affordable repayment terms. You can get up to R4 000 and if you are a repeat customer and you have been up to date in your previous loan you are allowed to increase your loan limit up to R8 000.

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

Why choose Getbucks Loans?

  1. Getbucks Loans offer quick instant cash loan accessible online .You can apply for as little as R500 to a maximum of R4 000 for first time applicants and the limit will be increased to R8 000 for repeat customers with a repayment term of up to 6 months
  2. Their application process is simple and fast and can be done from anywhere where you whether from your home or office
  3. Since the loan applications are done online there is unnecessary paperwork involved. Once your application is approved the money is deposited into your bank account
  4. Getbucks loans have no restrictions on use, how you use the money is up to you. So if you are faced with an emergency or a planned expense think Getbucks Loans
  5. For your convenience repayment of the loan will be done via debit order

What is needed to apply for Getbucks Loans?

To qualify for Getbucks Loans you must be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book and be above the legal age of 18 years and not more than 65 years. You should have a permanent job and a valid bank account where your salary is deposited into. You are also required to provide your cell phone number and email address to get feedback on your application. It is important that you provide truthful information when applying since the necessary checks on your credit profile will conducted.

Getbucks Loans Contact Details

To apply or find out more on Getbucks Loans you can contact them on the following details:
Tel: 087 808 0120