Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

Elite Loans – Tailor made finance

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

Elite Group is a pioneer financial creditor with over 10 branches around the country and offers personal loan amounts of between R300 and R8000. According to Elite, the loans are tailor made to suit individual’s needs.

Apply for Same Day Cash Loans Online

Elite GroupIf a client qualifies for this loan facility, Elite offers a fully-fledged debit card linked to a master card and utilizes a close looped card for all applicants who qualify for incremental loans. To ensure that money approved for incremental purposes is only utilized for home improvements and education, providers are pre-selected and the card is accepted only at these pre approved suppliers of products and services.

Clients who manage to get this debit card receive all bank services free of charge.

For a client to qualify for this loan facility, he or she has to go through the following lending process:

  • Application document
  • Credit check  and registration
  • Process of loan
  • Activation of electronic payment system/salary deduction
  • Electronic payment to client

Elite Group, a creditor that is instrumental in the establishment of the MFSA (Micro Finance South Africa), has a call centre facility where the whole lending process is done through voice logging and is completed within three minutes. The centre does not only provide service on the micro lending side of the business but rather administer product support and information inquiries from other clients. The use of this facility advances Elite’s operations and reduces costs, while providing a standardized, streamlined uniform service.

Some of the benefits provided by the call centre to the organization and its stuff are as follows:


  • Easy access to responsible credit
  • A solution for a negative credit record
  • Protecting employees from high cost lenders and debt trapping


  • Full financial control
  • Increase in productivity – no need for employees to leave place of work
  • No administration hassles – repayment done through elite’s electronic debit order system

The creditor’s micro lending program has been in existence for twelve years and its software package is used by more than 230 outlets nationwide and is well equipped to support the industry at large. The program is data base structured, user friendly and complies with GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Practice) and the New credit Act.

Elite Group, whose prime objective is to revolutionize the credit industry, can be contacted on 011 475 7705 and emails should be sent to