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FinSA Loan services

FinSA Loan services are offered in packages ranging from R1000 to R150 000 with this institution. In addition to the convenience provided by the application process, repayment terms are flexible. 3 to 60 months is the amount of time given to repay. In this way, clients have a reasonable amount of time to repay the loan, without putting too much stress on their finances. Applicants need to be South African citizens with a valid I.D. They’ll also need to provide their latest payslip as well as 2 months’ bank statements.

Addressing both short and long term finance needs through Finsa is a viable solution. Prospective Finsa Loans clients can simply log onto the website, and complete the form.

They should clearly state how much they need to borrow, as well as for how long. This can all be done from the convenience of your home or without having to leave the office to go join lengthy queues.

Contact Finsa by calling them on: 031 306 0075 or by emailing:

PayDay Advance from Cash Converters

PayDay Advance is a simple way for customers to get a much needed cash boost as a short-term loan till their next payday. The product from Cash Converters is fully compliant with the National Credit Act. This means that you can apply for a Cash Converters loan online.  

Cash Converters strives to continuously provide its customers with an easy way to access cash. In these tough economic times many consumers are cash strapped and access to ready cash is always greatly needed.

This latest product is the simplest way to get a short-term loan till your next payday. All you need to comply for the loan is to be currently employed and have a bank account, as easy as that. On taking out your first loan with Cash Converters you will be issued a PayDay Advance customer card that will make your next advance much easier. This card can also be used at any other participating Cash Converters Store.

Richard Mukheibir, the managing director of Cash Converters South Africa, says we the balance of 2009 in an effort to make the product available to all South Africans. He goes on to add that the PayDay Advance product launch in South Africa is following the international trend in response to consumers’ needs to readily access cash.

The original way to access cash was to convert all those unwanted goods that you have at home into cash by selling them to Cash Converters. You simply bring your goods to the store in Victoria Centre where you will be paid instant cash for your goods. This is an easy and quick way of disposing of your goods. Nor do you have to incur costs of advertising and then having to deal with complete strangers in your home

Finchoice KwikAdvance

KwikAdvance is a great option for people who need to get short-term finance to help manage their monthly cash flow. KwikAdvance is made available by FinChoice, offers South African HomeChoice customers of good credit standing with a bank account, a range of personalised loan options.

There are many benefits to KwikAdvance, including:

  • You can get a loan from R100 to R2 000
  • You pay it back on your next payday
  • It takes just 10 minutes to apply
  • Request your next KwikAdvance 24/7 using KwikServe

FinChoice KwikServe

With FinChoice KwikServe you can check your loan balance in less than 1 minute and you can request a new loan in less than 2 minutes. Skip a payment when times are tough and arranging this takes less than one minute.

Getting the finance you need to get you through the month is a great benefit to have, especially when it comes of unforeseen expenses. FinChoice offers you the option of applying for a payday loan quickly and easily, and you can take additional loans as well, providing that your account remains in good standing and that you always pay on time.

How to Apply

Call FinChoice and have your ID number ready, as well as your bank account details. Next, your Gold Card needs to be activated and this takes around 2 minutes. Your money will be available within 24 hours. Now you can manage your account 24 hours a day, using KwikServe.

FinChoice also offers other loans, and you can take out a personal loan of up to R25,000. You can also take out a personal protection plan to make sure that you are covered in the event that something happens to you and you cannot repay the loan.

Capfin Loans at PEP Stores

Now you can get a loan for up to R10 000 at Capfin by applying online through PEP stores if you are located in South Africa.

capfin_loansCapfin, a registered credit provider, is owned by the PEPKOR Group of Companies and has been giving out loans to millions of clients, and has been designed to suite ever PEP costumer’s individual need. Although there are no PEP stores loans online, you can apply in store easily.

When you are ready to take the next step into gaining financial freedom by applying for a loan online, you will need the following:

  • A South African ID,
  • A cell-phone,
  • A month’s salary paid into a bank account
  • Proof of income

After the application has been received by the customer service, the applicant will receive a SMS of acknowledgement within 30 minutes. Capfin will then call the customer in order to process a telephonic application that is quick and convenient. If the loan application is successful, the applicant will receive the loan amount within two days.

When you apply online for a PEPS stores loan, you will be able to apply for a loan without any hassles and the service is efficient and simple. Do not waste any time by standing in long queues at the bank and thanks to technology, the days of signing piles of application forms are something of the past.

If you are looking for a short-term loan that can be obtained quickly accompanied with excellent service that is reliable and trusted, do not hesitate to apply for a loan online at any PEP stores. With over 2500 stores nationwide where you are able to apply, you will soon be able to buy the perfect gift for you or your loved one at any time of the year for any occasion. Do not hesitate, find your nearest PEP store, and apply today.

Old Mutual Finance Loans

Out of the personal solutions is the Old Mutual personal loan and the Old Mutual My Money Plan. The personal loan gives clients financial freedom of choice and power to meet financial commitments such as paying school fees or buying school uniforms, paying for unexpected medical or family expenses, buying a car, carry out home renovations etc.

Old Mutual My Money Plan
Old Mutual My Money Plan

This loan which is offered from a minimum period of 3 months to a maximum of 48 months offers up to R100,000 with fixed interest rate at the time of the loan application but interest rate applied is based on personal credit profile. Applicants for this popular finance facility should have been employed for at least 3 months with the same employer and valid South African identity document. My Money Plan is the plan that enables customers to take control of finances through debt consolidation, monthly cash payments and future planning.

There are different ways of applying for the Old Mutual finance. Customers can apply on-line by simply filling in an on-line application form with supporting documentation. An application can also be done telephonicaly or even physically apply at an Old Mutual branch.

Old Mutual can be contacted on 0860000886.

Loans Acceptable

Loans Acceptable
Loans Acceptable

Loans Acceptable is a registered financial institution that was established in July 2007 and offers fast cash loans of up to R7000 within a specified period of 24hours upon applying. The creditor has other branches around South Africa but its origins were at the Gezina Branch in Pretoria.

A client can apply for a personal loan of up to R20 000. Loans Acceptable provides different types of loans and these include: personal and home loans.

Apart from providing cash to South Africans, the creditor provides cell phone contracts, funeral plans, insurance, second bonds and motor vehicle financing. Worth noting is that the creditor does not take into consideration a client’s credit records when offering loans hence all blacklisted people can apply for loans at Loans Acceptable.

The financial institution abides with the New National Credit Act that was enforced on 1 June 2007.

Loans Acceptable can be visited at ERN – Ric Building 280 Voortrekker Street Gezina, clients can also send emails to

RCS Financial Services

RCS  loans provided have been designed to provide individuals and families with the much-needed financial support. These loans which are done through a paperless process with no queues and pre-qualification process which lasts seconds offer cash of up to R125,000.The approved amount is deposited into clients account within 24hrs with repayment periods running between 12 to 60 months.

RCS LoansRCS is a South African consumer financial concern which offers customers a range of financial services. With a branch network that extends into Namibia and Botswana, this business house has committed itself to enhancing Peoples lifestyles and protect their financial security through accessible credit solutions.

The product bouquet provided by this highly esteemed financial house is driven to a large extent by cards andloans. The RCS card provides users with access to 19,500 stores.This card provides customers with a monthly statement for all purchases made and there is also death, disability and retrenchment cover.

Lendcor Loans

The creditor was established as a result of a joint venture of two companies namely Lendcor (Pty) Ltd and Solitaire Housing Finance (Pty) Ltd in 2003.

Lendcor (Pty) Ltd finances building materials to all customers who have a clean credit record. Lendcor offers loans from R1000 to R100 000 with a specified period of 60 months for repaying the loan.

The loan facility allows clients to go through some process during the application:

  1. Clients who require an immediate response should SMS “their ID number” and their surname and initials, gross salary to 42997. Vodacom users should SMS the above details to 30633 (free SMS). A client can alternatively call 0860003030 for new business, 080006060 when repeating business and 0860004040 for account related queries.
  2. Client is required to complete an application form with all the required documentation. A client should submit the following documents on this Fax number 0313053031. Latest payslip and a credit application.
  3. When the application has been approved, the creditor will fax the client a Loan Agreement that will be signed by the customer.
  4. Payment of the loan will be made once the client has signed and submiited the paperwork back to the creditor. The paperwork should include a client’s delivery note/invoice and a copy of their ID.

Interested clients can visit the creditor at their offices at 331 Anton Lembede (Smith Street), Mavundla House, Ground floor, Durban, 4000 or alternatively call them on 031 310 7100 . Clients can send emails

Ithala Loans

Business operations at Ithala are divided into four main categories: Ithala Financial services, Ithala properties, Ithala Limited and other strategic business units.
Ithala’s head office is situated in Durban and the institution largely draws business from reliable bond originators. Finance solutions also include home loans, home improvement loans, cash loans, property development, commercial loans, personal loans and VAT loans.

 ithala home loan

ithala home loan

VAT Loans are tailored as a short term bridging finance facility to newly established industrial companies for VAT payment on equipment bought or newly established medium sized property owning companies for the payment of VAT in respect of property acquisitions. These loans run for a term of 4 months and auditors can co-sign the agreement and make a pledge to claim the VAT from the receiver and the address and account details for the payment of VAT refunds to that of the auditors. Upon refund of the VAT claim, auditors refund the outstanding amount to Ithala. This facility is only available for newly established companies where no output VAT will be applicable which can reduce the amount of the claim.

In addition, Ithala provides savings bank book, debit card, club save, target save and fixed deposit options. Ithala aims to provide clients with competitive financial solutions to support entrepreneurial success in previously disadvantaged communities. Its 450 staff members dispersed among 51 branches are dedicated to assisting clients with quality and expertise. Contact Ithala on: 031 907 8911.