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Clientelle Loans
Clientelle Loans

Clientele Group is a listed company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Clientele is accommodating clients whose loan borrowing bracket ranges from R3 000 to R120 000 in increments of R1 000. This personal loan is deposited straight into the applicant’s bank account if the client meets all the necessary requirements.

Clientele Limited’s personal loans are limited to people who meet the below requirements:

  • An applicant should be 18 years or older
  • He or she should be a South African resident
  • The applicant should earn a minimum permanent salary of R2 500 per month or more
  • He or she should have clear credit references
  • When applying, the applicant should have his or her ID number and bank account details used to pay the salary

The Clientele loan application allows applicants to apply online hence no face to face interviews are done. Applications can be done 7 days in a week or over the phone from 8am to 8pm by calling 0861 354 354 or by using a call me back facility available on the website.

One of the requirements is that a client should pay back the loan between a period of 18 and 60 months. The loan facility has fixed rates; the interest in the personal loan will be fixed as per the creditor’s current rate for the full term of the loan period.

“With no fluctuations in the interest rate, the monthly installment is always the same allowing you to plan ahead,” says Clientele Limited.

The creditor has a Personal Protection Plan which enables a client’s outstanding loan balance to be settled in the event of death, permanent disability or if the client contract a dread disease.

Elite Loans – Tailor made finance

Elite Group is a pioneer financial creditor with over 10 branches around the country and offers personal loan amounts of between R300 and R8000. According to Elite, the loans are tailor made to suit individual’s needs.

Elite GroupIf a client qualifies for this loan facility, Elite offers a fully-fledged debit card linked to a master card and utilizes a close looped card for all applicants who qualify for incremental loans. To ensure that money approved for incremental purposes is only utilized for home improvements and education, providers are pre-selected and the card is accepted only at these pre approved suppliers of products and services.

Clients who manage to get this debit card receive all bank services free of charge.

For a client to qualify for this loan facility, he or she has to go through the following lending process:

  • Application document
  • Credit check  and registration
  • Process of loan
  • Activation of electronic payment system/salary deduction
  • Electronic payment to client

Elite Group, a creditor that is instrumental in the establishment of the MFSA (Micro Finance South Africa), has a call centre facility where the whole lending process is done through voice logging and is completed within three minutes. The centre does not only provide service on the micro lending side of the business but rather administer product support and information inquiries from other clients. The use of this facility advances Elite’s operations and reduces costs, while providing a standardized, streamlined uniform service.

Some of the benefits provided by the call centre to the organization and its stuff are as follows:


  • Easy access to responsible credit
  • A solution for a negative credit record
  • Protecting employees from high cost lenders and debt trapping


  • Full financial control
  • Increase in productivity – no need for employees to leave place of work
  • No administration hassles – repayment done through elite’s electronic debit order system

The creditor’s micro lending program has been in existence for twelve years and its software package is used by more than 230 outlets nationwide and is well equipped to support the industry at large. The program is data base structured, user friendly and complies with GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Practice) and the New credit Act.

Elite Group, whose prime objective is to revolutionize the credit industry, can be contacted on 011 475 7705 and emails should be sent to

CashPower Loan from Wesbank

Wesbank’s CashPower Personal Loan gives you flexibility. Firstly, it gives you the option of choosing the loan amount which ranges from R5000 to R150 000. Secondly the repayment period options are from 24 months to 6 years which greatly affects clients monthly instalments.

Wesbank CashPowerThis means that you will not be tied up by conditions that will make your budgeting difficult to handle. You also won’t have the shock of a monthly instalment that has interest rates that could literally bury you because you choose your repayment period. On top of that, the repayments are fixed so you can be rest assured that your monthly instalments remain the same as you are never affected by increasing interest rates.

In a world where time is money, the online application process makes sure that you also have peace of mind in this regard. It is simple. You can either fill in a short form online where you will get a quick response or call 0861 238 252 from Monday to Sunday, 8am-8pm. They will even call you back if you need them to by quickly sending through your contact details online.
You therefore avoid a lot of hassle with the CashPower Loan from Wesbank. You don’t need to go into a physical bank and stand in a queue to get your loan. You don’t need to fill in unnecessary paperwork and you get a response in no time. In order to apply, you need a regular monthly income of R4 500 (proof of income may be required), clear credit references, your ID number and the banking details in which your salary is paid.

It really does put the power back into your hands by not only giving you the cash you need but also makes sure that the process is as painless as possible.

To find out more about the Cash Power Loan from Wesbank, visit them here.

NSFAS Loans – How to Apply

When applying for a NSFAS student loan, applicants must attach the following documents a grade 12 certificate, South African ID, proof of parent’s income, proof of registration at school, college or university of brothers and sisters who live in the same household which can be obtained at the institutions where your brothers and sisters are registered at, certified copies of birth certificate and ID documents, a letter from your doctor to confirm proof of disability if you have a permanent disability, and letter of acceptance from the public university or college where you have applied to study.

How will you repay your loan?
NSFAS has repayments which are reasonably priced for clients; these repayments are based on the salary earned by the applicant and start once your salary is R30 000 or more per year. Payments start at 3% of your annual salary, increasing to a maximum of 8% when your salary reaches R59 300 or more per year. This means you will pay back R900 a year on a salary of R30 000 a year or R84 per month.

Worth noting is that those who are yet to get employment don’t have to repay the loan but they have to provide written proof (in the form of affidavit, valid for three months) to state that they are unemployed.
For more information about NSFAS registration costs, student loans, you should visit the NSFAS website or call them on 0860067327.

Qwiekfin loans

With Qwiekfin Loans Individuals can qualify for a personal loan of up to R150 000 and a home loan of up to R5 000 000. To find out if you qualify, you simply go to their website and fill in a quick form where you have to provide details such as your Nett salary and the loan amount that you are requesting. You also need to be 18 years and older, must be a South African citizen, permanently employed for 3 months and earn a salary of at least R2000 a month. If you are under administration or debt review, unfortunately, you will not be assisted.

Being a Qwiekfin member has a lot of benefits. For an additional fee of R99 per month, you have your own online attorney to assist you with legal matters if needed. On top of that, as a member, you stand to win a R5000 cash prize every month. Qualified attorneys from independent attorney firms will assist you with legal problems by means of telephonic or online consultation on any legal field. Whether you need assistance with clearance of criminal records, maintenance matters, bail applications, criminal matters, drafting of wills, civil claims or labour matters. For more information and for a full loan repayment schedule, visit their website or call 041-592-9339.

Mpowa Finance Loans on the Same day

Mpowa Finance is a South African micro lending house which has committed itself to providing fast and convenient payday loans.This business concern has become the preferred home of credit for many because all applications are submitted online which means you don’t have to leave your fixed abode to apply, all contracts are signed as well as voice recorded for the protection of both parties, the rates are in line with the National Credit Act and are among the lowest in the country.

To obtain Mpowa finance which goes up to a maximum amount of R2500, a customer should just complete the online application and create an account, a loan contract is then emailed by Mpowa immediately, a customer is then required to upload the latest 3 months bank statements and signed contract, it is a requirement that a loan consultant phones the customer for a voice recording of the contract details. For those who are reapplying, you just need to login to the website anytime and request a new loan, a new contract is emailed which is followed by a voice recording and cash is paid into customers account.

Loan amounts are repaid in full customers payday by debit order. Mpowa finance can be contacted on 0861228228 and trained consultants will be on hand to assist.

Capitec Bank Loans of up to R230 000

With Capitec Loans, clients are granted access to R230 000 in funds with fixed monthly repayments. Clients are given repayment terms of between 1 and 84 months. The Multi-Loans service offered by Capitec is a monthly credit facility offering up to R4000 in finance. Application documentation required includes a South African identity document, original proof of residential address, the latest salary payslip and 3 months’ bank statements. In addition, clients are offered an opportunity to consolidate other existing loans. Inclusive in the loan packages are free retrenchment and death cover.

Capitec LoansGiving clients more value, Capitec only charges interest and fees on money transferred and the money is repayable in full each month. Qualifying clients’ loans are made available within minutes after approval enabling clients to do card payments or get cash at supermarket tills and ATMS.

The bank subscribes to responsible lending practices and has strict affordability assessment and prudent provisioning for bad debt. Clients are encouraged to make the best credit decisions. They can make use of Capitec’s credit calculator to see how much they need and the length of time needed to repay it.
For Capitec’s unmatched loan solutions, call: 086 010 2043.

Kathlego Cash Loans

Need a loan fast? Payday loans or fast loans are an easy way to get extra money in times when needed. At Kathlego,Cash Loans you can get loans online fast without leaving the office of your home. The online application process is clear and straightforward and allows you borrow up to R3000. Within three easy steps, you can money in your bank account.

Kathlego Cash LoansUnfortunately, many private lenders have gained bad reputations in regards to short terms loans and to do ask very high interest rates and since not many banks offer you fast loans within 24 hours, financial institutions like Kathlego has made it their mission to help people in a financial crises.

Many times, we have to handle situations that affect us financially throne in our way. This often requires extra money but a few of us do have money laying around for emergencies. What do you do if you need to go to the emergency room with your child after a school injury and your medical aid is depleted? Alternatively, what do you do if your cash flow is affected by costumer’s late payments? Kathlego Cash Loans is an option to consider.

Unfortunately, people who are blacklisted will not be able to qualify for a fast loan or if you still have an overdue account. However, the good news is that if you have paid your account, you can apply for a second loan if you need cash again.